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Our Company

Erevu means - clever, ingenious, capable and smart. These qualities embody our company. We use these qualities to bring solutions to our clients.


Our Mission is to help our clients find solutions that ensure community satisfaction and improves revenue.


Our Focus is primarily directed at outside music events. We combine hardware and software from both the professional audio touring market and the sound and vibration market. The result is a blended and unique analysis platform.


Our Vision is to provide innovative solutions to noise problems at live outside music events. Solutions that are profitable and offer long term client and public satisfaction.


Our Practice includes remote real time noise monitoring, sound system specification and compliance reporting.


Our Core Values are the foundation of how we serve clients. We are:


  • Passionate

  • Transparent

  • Detailed

  • Technology Driven


Our core values underline our mission and how we fulfill our mission. We strive to balance the enjoyment music fans seek, the revenue that municpalites need and communities enjoyment of their neighborhoods.



© 2021 by Erevu Group.

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